Gotcha!- T.R.M. funding cut

Gotcha-TRMVeteran Maori Trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook taxpayer funded overseas jaunts have come to a spectacular end.

The Ministry of Health has cut his funding completely justifying the exposure of Te Reo Marama and its Director by this blog.

The repeaters at the HoS though fail once again to acknowledge where this story emanated from even though they talk about documents released under the OIA. Documents this blogger released. Clearly strong words are needed to be had with Shayne Currie and the other Editors at the HoS about acknowledgment of sources. No wonder the blogosphere calls these thieving scum repeaters.

Speaking of theiving scum Shane Kawenata Bradbrook continues to spin and lie. He reckons that the Ministry of Health never said anything to him about his excessive overseas travel. perhaps he might like to clarify that statement a bit before this blog publishes the minutes of review meetings between himself and the Ministry of Health that I obtained under the OIA. I won’t publish them just now though lest the repeaters at the HoS claim the work for their own.

The least the HoS could have done was say where the OIA documents came from. I suppose I could accept an invite to their Christmas party as a an apology. (Not holding my breath)

Meanwhile Shane Kawenata Bradbrook joins the Gotcha! Trophy wall. Back to hunting more troughers….oh and there is more to come on TRM but other Government departments are dragging the chain on OIA requests.