Here's a blow for Rupert's plans for world domination

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Rupert Murdoch reckons that he will take all his publications away from Google andimplement a pay per view model. NBR is also trying the same thing. The problem is however that people will not countenance such bollocks and now there is empirical evidence to suggest that people like me who have predicted that such and endeavour are doomed to failure.

According to a new Forrester survey, almost 80% of Internet users in the US and Canada would not pay for access to newspaper and magazine websites. Those users who would consider paying for content are mostly interested in subscriptions. Only a very small number of consumers is interested in making micropayments (3%). The study also asked which distribution channel consumers would prefer if their favorite print publications ceased to exist. 37% preferred the web, 14% mobile phones and 11% would prefer to read the content on their laptops or netbooks. 10% would prefer PDFs delivered by email and 3% would read the content on their e-readers.

The question then remains, Can you survive on the 20% that will pay? Who are those willing to pay? Well Forrester tells us that too.

Forrester’s Sarah Rotman Epps took a closer look at the demographic profile of those users who said that they would be willing to pay. Gender and marital status had no influence on a consumer’s willingness to pay. Those who are willing to pay for magazine content are slightly younger that those who won’t (43 years vs. 47). For newspaper content, however, there was no difference. Income, too, only makes a small difference. Those with a higher income are slightly more likely to pay for newspaper content than for magazines.

The report concludes that there is no consensus among consumers about how they want content delivered to them. The fact that 10% still prefer PDFs clearly shows that we are still in a transitional period. What is clear, though, is that consumers aren’t very willing to pay for content online.

Whoopsy, look slike Rupert’s nirvana and Barry Colman’s plans were rooted from the start. Can I say Told ya so yet?

Forrester Survey results - Would you pay for content

Forrester Survey results - Would you pay for content