How long will the Maori Party last?

That is the first of a set random impertinent questions that the media should be pursuing tonight. Some others would be;

  • Why was Pita Sharples frantically trying to grab the first available seat out of Wellington to Auckland tonight?
  • Are their votes secure?
  • How much does Ngapuhi get again?
  • What about poor Maori iwi like Ngati Porou, Tuhoe and Muriwhenua and Ngati Pakeha

The word from the spies of The Whale is that the Maori party is in deep trouble tonight. Remember that the Maori Party opposed an ETS, now with a few blankets and beads they have been bought off in one of New Zealand’s most outrageously corrupt? manglings of our democracy. Thousands of forest owners have today had their wealth destroyed so that a few elite of the maoritocracy can brownmail the government.

I think the Maori Party is going to bust apart. It’s pretty much part of MMP isn’t it? The very same thing happened to the Alliance remember. Jim Anderton sold out the party and the ones with integrity left. Laila Harre, Matt McCarten walked rather than be bought off. The left splits faster than a banana when it comes to tough decisions.

This is a tough decision, one that if it goes through will see Hone Harawira and Rahui Katene essentially disenfranchise and impoverish their iwi forever. That is a decision too far I think for Hone Harawira. The question will be though is how many will split with Hone? The only two Maori party MPs that support the ETS now are Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia. Te Ururoa Flavell is said to be unconvinced.

Interesting times lie ahead, but I don’t think the Maori party can guarantee their 5 seats.