I suppose there will be a national appeal for this as well

Ok I am fricken over hearing about Samoan and the poor Samoans.

Eight people, including a six-month-old baby are reportedly dead following a bus crash in Samoa.

Twenty other people were injured in the accident, Radio New Zealand reported.

The bus was travelling at speed before it was forced to swerve, causing it to roll with around 30 people inside, it reported.

The bus driver is reported to have fled the scene.

The accident, reportedly the deadliest in Samoa’s history, comes as the country struggles to recover from the devastating tsunami in October which killed at least 129 people.

Got that 6% of the death toll of from the Tsunami have died in one road accident. I’m fully expecting calls for the government to have a national appeal to raise funds for the families devasted by Samoa’s worst ever road crash.

And on the Tsunami….I’m over that too. Fricken hell, 129 people died. So what! More Samoans die in South Auckland every year and we make a big deal about a wave. FFS millions died in the Asian Tsunami and no where near the fuss was made.

I’m over it and want to hear no more about it.