Ian Wishart talks to Leighton Smith on NewstalkZB about ClimateGate

Listen to this and wonder why our media aren’t running with this story yet.

Author Ian Wishart talks with Newstalk ZB host Leighton Smith about climate change.

ALL members of parliament need to listen to this interview with Ian Wishart about the hacking of the CRU global warmers emails. The hacking leaking is true and the emails are true. Ian Wishart?phoned Prof. Phil Jones Director of the CRU and he confirmed that the hacked leaked emails are true.

Lies about Climate Change have been told by those who believe in anthropogenic global warming. What does NZ do now? The ETS must not be rushed through parliament.

The truth about why Climate Change is happening now has to be?thoroughly, and?scientifically,?researched. The peer-reviewed liars have been caught. If they have told one lie how many others? What is the truth?

The ETS should be parked and the science verified, at a very minimum, how ever long that takes. There is no rush, if necessary abolish the existing ETC legislation that is due to come into force in January, but end this farce now.

The one thing we can say for sure now is that the science is most definitely NOT settled, it is probably made up, misconstrued or doctored but it isn’t settled.