Is Nick Smith corrupt?

I ask because The Whale’s spies have been furiously sending documents to the tipline today about a scandal that could only be described as “Free flights for ETS votes”

Nick Smith has been roundly condemned by Fran O’Sullivan and even by his friend Rod Oram over the weekend for his mad and pointless rush to ram through his ETS under urgency this week. This is now especially crazy inlight of the emerging scandal amongst the scientists who have colluded to lie to the world about Global Warming.

To do that, as Fran and Oram note, he needs the Maori Party.

There have been leaks all week about $100 billion woman Sacha McMeeking wanting a cool $2 billion of carbon credits for her iwi in exchange for telling the Maori Party they must support Mad Nick, but Whaleoil?s spies close to the negotiations between National and Maori say it is even more venal than that.

Last week, McMeeking?s Iwi Leadership Group suggested that it and kaumatua should henceforth accompany Climate Change Negotiations Minister Tim Groser on all his overseas trips, starting with the big Copenhagen conference next month.

The deal was ?pay for our airfares and hotel rooms, and for our granddads, and we?ll tell our client party, the Maori Party, to give its votes to you.? Whaleoil?s spies in the negotiation room say it was a bottom line.

And whaddya think Nick Smith said?

?Get fucked.? We?ve had Hone in Paris already this year and we campaigned against Labour sending kaumatua all around the world to pick up heads as so forth?????


He wrote back essentially saying “no prob, bro”.

In his formal response to the McMeeking group, dated Thursday, he said: ?I would welcome the assistance of ILG delegates ? and kaumatua ? at Copenhagen and subsequent meetings.?

Problem is, Smith?s not even going to Copenhagen.? It?s Groser who?ll have to look after the elderly kapa haka group.

Copenhagen is a dead duck. Firstly it was winged by the failure of politicians to get any consensus before hand and secondly it was shot dead by the leaks of 1000’s of emails showing that the main scientists behind the majority of data supporting the lie that is Climate Change and Global Warming have lied and been lying to us for decades.

If were not bad enough that the Maori Party has prostituted itself in the interests of a select few of the elite maoritocracy but they also wanted to indulge in a bit of state funded troughing as well. As a mate of mine says, they wanted to “live it up on the large”.

If the contents of the documents received via the tipline are real then Nick Smith must resign. I will publish those documents tomorrow morning.

In addition there is simply no need to rush this legislation, no need for it in the first place and real cause to stop and have a “cup of tea” to review the fall out from the destruction of the reputation of the leading scientists supporting Global Warming.