Judith Collins one year on

Judith Collins has to be the top performer in cabinet bar none. A year ago she had been given the tough portfolios of Corrections and Police by John Key and without a doubt you have to say she is delivering.? She certainly is no lily-livered bleeding heart liberal pinko softy like some others in the National Party. Tonight in the house she moved the bill to bring in private prison management in to its second reading. (Speech pdf) Unfortunately I didn’t hear it but I listened to Creepy Cosgrove give his reply and was distinctly underwhelmed.

The fool even went on to suggest that National’s secret agenda is to privatise the Police and the Army. Well perhaps he should have a chat to his colleague David Shearer about those fine ideas. Shearer after all wrote academic papers supporting such hypothesis so at the very least we know that some in Labour think that is a good idea.

One year on in the job, let’s see what Judith Collins has achieved.