Lisa Lewis gives refunds……………., yeah right!

This story has been percolating along nicely on Facebook for a few days after Lisa Lewis posted that the wife of a client has been demanding his money back.

The comments on Facebook are hilarious and apart from one person entirely in Lisa’s favour.

The MSM has finally caught up with story and it is hilarious that this stupid wife thinks she can get the money back her sports celebrity husband spent on hour long “appointments” with Lisa Lewis.

Has she thought that maybe, just maybe she is dud root, or nags him out of the house or a million other reasons. Is it really his fault 100%? It certainly isn’t Lisa’s fault, she is a hooker and a stripper as well as an entrepreneur. She is to be admired for sticking to her guns, and a mighty fine set of guns they are too.

The stupid cow (the wife) should have just shut-up, knowing Lisa’s predilection for publicity this was always going to end badly for the wife.