Looks like Hone supports the death penalty

Hone Harawira has issued an apology of sorts and also at the same time has clarified his position on the death penalty.

Near the end of his interview with Maori broadcaster Willie Jackson on Radio Waatea this morning, Harawira said Goff should be “lined up against the wall and shot”.

Harawira: “I’m about to hammer Labour again, over Phil Goff saying I should be suspended, you know, from politics ? the cheek of the bastard…”

Jackson: “Careful.”

Harawira: “Him and his mates, no seriously, him and his mates are responsible for the passing of a piece of legislation described as the single largest land nationalization statute in the history of Aotearoa. Now if I should be suspended for swearing, him and his mates should be lined up against the wall and shot,” Harawira said.

Out-fucking-standing, there are many who would wholeheartedly agree with those sentiments. The guy is a genius. I expect hone to support Cactus Kate’s campaign to bring back the death penalty.

What exactly is wrong with swearing anyway. Go Hone, your honesty is refreshing and you have the support of this blogger.