Maori party sells out forest owners for blankets and beads

As reported here exclusively yesterday at Whaleoil the Maori Party and their elite maoritocracy backers of the chosen five iwi have sold out other Maori, Pakeha and other forest owners for what really amounts to blankets and beads.

They have agreed to support the National party and their unelected advisory group gets a state-funded junket to Copenhagen all for a measly $25 million. Meanwhile the $2 billion worth of carbon credit assets/land value are instantly thrown away and the biggest devastation to New Zealand’s economy will be rushed though under urgency into law before Friday.

I am ashamed to be a member of the National Party. National and the Maori Party have destroyed nearly $4 billion dollars in wealth and knobbled the competitiveness of the country in one go. It is therefore appropriate that on this evil day when the agreement was reached to kill the New Zealand economy John Key was wearing a pink tie. The irony was certainly not lost on me.

If there are any National MPs with any spine they will cross the floor over this deal, and vote down this law. It is undemocratic, it is wrong and it is based upon flawed and demonstrably false science and worse it will destroy our economy.