Media caves, Bloggers win

Cactus Kate has an explosive revelation on her blog that APN one of the biggest publishers in New Zealand won’t print anything that comes within a broad definition of causing them possible legal problems.

Essentially they have put their hands up and surrendered.

There are categories of people who are more inclined to sue if they are the subject of adverse publications, so particular care should be taken in reporting allegations of misconduct against lawyers, doctors, judges, other professionals, politicians, critics and wealthy businessmen/women.

Right so if you are one that group and say stand up in the press and make yourself the spokeman for some crowd all the while hiding the fact that you like to conduct cervical smear tests without gloves on and are a serial rooter of your staff and patients, you will get a free pass from the APN because they are scared that you will sue them.

Or if you run a dodgy inertia selling outfit with complaints about your business practices before the Commerce Commission and a failed finance company whose documents are sealed by the court because the “whole house of cards” may come tumbling down then you also get a free ride in the media, or even better a patsy interview to explain yourself away.

These are but two examples that this blog has run but are unlikely to be touched by APN at the least and also Fairfax because of their issues with telling the truth. It is now up to brave bloggers to take on the “establishment”.