More cheek than a fat man's bum


Not only does Mikey Havoc have the huge cheek to run up $20,000 in fines, he has the even bigger cheek to seek to pay back via community service instead of paying up in cash or even going to jail.

Adding further insult to injury, his chosen community service smells of bullshit – DJing in the student quad. Is the Judge having a lend of us all.

I bet Mikey Havoc never told the students that he was cheating his way out of $20,000 of fines, but instead encouraged a cult of Havoc where students worshipped him for being so in touch with them, hanging out at the quad.

He should have paid the money in the first instance. If he couldn’t pay, he should have gone to jail for showing such contempt to society he would repeatedly flout the laws of the land, and lastly, if he was going to work off his fines with community service, he should have been cleaning toilets at rest homes.

You can understand why councils want to raise parking charges when dodgy cocks like Mikey Havoc run up $20,000 worth of fines and then seek to wriggle out of paying through DJing. Havoc has essentially been paid to party for his so called community service his first rip off), as well as cheating ratepayers of Auckland (his second rip off).