Nick Smith sells out White Mofo's

I watched Tv3 tonight and I am outraged. It appears that Nick Smith has stitched up a deal with establishment Maori to gift to them? some of the Conservation Estate so they can grow trees with taxpayer handouts on it and own the said trees in order to “compensate” them for aspects of the ETS which robs forest owners including Maori forest owners of billions of dollars of land value.

Five? special iwi (The Brown’d Table) which have already signed treaty settlements have scored a backroom deal to rob the taxpayer even more and leaving out those maori who haven’t signed treaty settlements and us poor white mofo’s out in the cold. No wonder Hone Harawira is going off like a fire-cracker because Ngapuhi are left out of the secret deal.

And all this to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist.

Nick Smith has no right to hand out the Conservation estate that is our birthright as all New Zealanders. The joke of all this is that Nick Smith is rushing to pass this legislation in order to have it a done deal by the time the Copenhagen talkfest opens. Onethe same news channel they run a story that world leaders are supporting a plan to delay the pact in the first place. So why is Nick Smith rushing New Zealand headlong into economic disaster when the rest of the world is suddenly holding back. It is simply madness.

It is madness not only from National implementing race-based preferential treatment for a select few establishment maori bro-racracy but also in the cost associated for solving this mythical problem but the Government has bollocks’d up the estimated cost to solve the non-problem and is now going to rip $110 billion from the consumer in order to subsidise our biggest polluters.

This may be a bit presumptuous of me but Nick Smith and the rest of his mad bunch of Warmist mofo’s can just go and fuck themselves.