Pollie-Watch – We watch them so you don't have to

A couple of small stories have come to my attention, no big beef really but they allow me to launch Pollie-Watch, a service of Gotcha! that means that we watch the politicians so you don’t have to. If you see politicians or better still have photos or video of drunken, silly politicians acting the goat in a manner unbecoming their station then send them in and we will post them.

Hone Harawira has become the Richard Worth of the Maori party, skipping out on official business to go sightseeing, at least he paid his own train fares though and I can fully understand Hone wanting a quick side trip to Paris, those interminable meetings with policy wanks wonks in Brussells would bore me shitless too. However this is the second time that Hone, bless him, has gone a.w.o.l. so perhaps he needs to be a bit more mindful of the public perception.

Meanwhile Lord Burns of Marlbourough has stuck his head over the parapet of the chateau to tell us all that;

“One of the benefits of being a first term MP is you’ve got no connection to what happened in the past in government in the sense that there’s no sense of loss for me… I’m loving being an Opposition MP, I’ve known no different,” he told NZPA.”

What the Chardonnay quaffing faux-socialist neglected to mention and the repeaters were too stupid to remember is that Lord Burns of Marlbourough worked in Clark’s office heading the “Burns unit” for a few years. So he knows full well what it is like to work in Government albeit not as a Minister or MP, rather a lickspittle at the beck and call of other higher paid troughers.

If he is going to spout arrant nonsense at least have the decency to pass some of Chardonnay onto the repeater.