Pooftahs Intolerant

So let me get this straight, if you will excuse the pun, we are all meant to be tolerant of homosexual lifestyles, embrace rainbow members of our community, pass legislation allowing the gay lifestyle to become normalised by way of “civil unions”….but….

One guy sings some rude songs about pooftahs and lezzos and all of sudden the tolerance we are supposed to show gay people is tossed out the window along with freedom of expression?

I don’t get it. Hone Harawira can call pakeha while mother-fuckers and nothing happens and a black guy writes songs against pooftahs and all hell breaks loose.

The answer to bigoted speech isn’t banning it is more unbigoted speech against idiots like the “Beenie Man”

All this shows is that poofs and lezzos are just as intolerant as the rest of society. That’s just gay.