Rupert Murdoch is an idiot

That may sound just a bit presumptuous of me to call the incredibly wealthy Rupert Murdoch an idiot especially when I am currently a pauper. Nonetheless the man makes a fool of himself everytime he opens his gob and talks about HIS model for making money on the internet with news. He shows he just doesn’t get it, same as Barry Colman here.

Here is an interview he did explaining, well….not explaining very well, just how he plans to hide his sites from the omnipotent Google.

Stan Schroeder at Mashable! attempts to understand the mad ramblings of the old man of the media.

It proves that Murdoch is sticking with the old model of how news and information is disseminated, and doesn?t plan to change it. The problem is, things don?t work the way they used to any more. Sometimes, a visitor will come to a news site or a blog and won?t even know where he is; he might think he?s still on Facebook or MySpace. And he won?t be interested in anything on the site except that tiny bit of information that made him click on the link. Sometimes, the conversation will develop around your article, but not on your site; it may develop on Twitter or Digg. As a site owner, you have to adapt to this. If you plan to just ditch all these visitors, claiming they?re all worthless, you might end up with an empty auditorium.

Yep and that is where the lame stream media are heading if they listen to Rupert.

Here?s the most important bit, in which Murdoch replies to whether he plans to block sites from being seen by search engines:

?I think we will. But that?s when we?ll start charging. We do it already with the Wall Street Journal. We have a wall, but it?s not right to the ceiling. You can get the first paragraph of any story but if you?re not a paying subscriber to, you get a paragraph and a subscription form.?

I honestly can?t understand what?s his plan here. If he plans to charge for websites, why hide them from the search engines? If you can?t actually read the content without paying, then making the content at least partly accessible to Google and other search engines can?t hurt? In fact, the WSJ that he mentions as an example isn?t hidden from Google?s indexes, you can easily find Wall Street Journal articles via Google.

This is just one part of the quite lengthy interview, but it all boils down to this: Mr. Murdoch is not ready to accept any of the changes brought forth by the Internet and the social media movement. Moreover, he doesn?t seem to understand how some parts of it work. He?s got the manpower to announce a war, but I?m afraid his army will be fighting windmills.

Yep the tech world is changing faster than Rupert’s asian missus can get his suit off each night. I’d be interested to know how Barry Colman’s great experiment is failing. I expect it isn’t going as well as the legions of anal-ysts told him it would.