Should we reconsider the death penalty?

Cactus Kate poses the question, someone I am sure will set up a Facebook Group but it seems we are incarcerating a greater number of disgusting individuals who we would really rather be without, them or the cost of incarceration.

In Ancient Rome they had a public strangler, the Spanish used the Garrote until 1974 for public executions.? In Thailand drug dealers are machine gunned to death. personally I think Madame Guillotine to be far too humane for these animals.

Fortunately we have Wikipedia that lists all the most common methods of execution.

I think my preference would be for Ling Chi. Looks really nasty and painful, and given our free trade agreement with China, perhaps we could simply outsource the arrangements. Gruesome Photo of Ling Chi from 1905 (seriously don’t click this if you are a sook).