So who are the biggest piggies then?

Phil Goff has been all sanctimonious over MP troughing and travel thinking that he can drum up some support for his flagging party in this manner.

That is until today when the latest figures for Parliamentary expenses have been released and we find that the top 10 troughers are;

  1. Hone Harawira $53,084
  2. Phil Goff with $51,895
  3. Ross Robertson with $38,308
  4. Maryan Street with $37,631
  5. Lockwood Smith with $37,626
  6. Shane Jones with $35,074
  7. Shane Ardern with $30,532
  8. George Hawkins with $30,116
  9. Kelvin Davis with $29,978
  10. Rahui Katene with $29,339

That is on total expenses. It is far more interesting when you look at air travel alone, then the top 10 troughers are;

  1. Phil Goff with $29,166
  2. Ross Robertson with $25,742
  3. Rodney Hide with $25,163 (though now repaid)
  4. Hone Harawira with $24,330
  5. Mayan Street with $21,663
  6. Shane Jones with $20,735
  7. George Hawkins with $20,690
  8. Shane Ardern with $17,676
  9. Kelvin Davis with$17,619
  10. Damien O’Connor with $17,486

Looks like the top trougher MPs are almost entirely Labour. With 4% of the population believing Phil Goff is fit to run the nation he can hardly justify his excessive troughing and his sanctimonious high dudgeon attitude to travel expense of Rodney Hide and Hone Harawira.

Quite amazing that Ross Robertson, the absentee MP for Manukau East and Shane Jones a List MP figure in both lists of top troughers. Phil Goff is now officially a class A hypocrite when it comes to travel expenses.