Thank you Joris De Bres

Now you might be thinking that I am mad in thanking Joris De Bres but he has finally cleared up a few mis-conceptions with his statement today, and for that I thank him.

Commissioner Joris de Bres says unlike students wearing Nazi uniforms or schoolboys bowing to a swastika Mr Harawira’s comments are not a breach of the Human Rights Act, because he is entitled to freedom of expression.

That’s right, “freedom of expression”. That means when I talk about Shane Kawenata Bradbrook, I can call him a “lazy good for nothing troughing black c**t”. There is not one thing that anyone can do about it because I am simply “entitled” to my freedom of expression.

Or Cactus Kate when she describes Andrew “The Crook” Krukziener as the “little Jew”, she likewise is simply “entitled” her freedom of expression.

Or if DPF’s disgusting, hideous mutant Ginga friend calls him a Jew and a Christ Killer, that isn’t offensive either because he is also “entitled” to his own freedom of expression even though he is a disgusting, hideous mutant Ginga.

So for that I thank Mr Joris De Bres and other members of the bro-aucracy for once and for clearing up that racism is simply freedom of expression and no matter how repugnant it is it is one of our inalienable human rights to express it how ever we desire.

I think he has it wrong though on the wearing of strange uniforms and the such because that also is simply a persons freedom of expression much like a tattoo. But then that would also put an end to the silly gang patch ban, because surely those are a person’s right, nay “entitlement” as Joris De Bres says, to freedom of expression.

According to Joris De Bres it is now safe to tell jokes about spics, frogs, tulip-chompers, japies, krauts, niggers, coons, blacks, dagos, wops, wogs, chinks, slopes, chows, plug-sockets, wet backs, coconuts, fobs, freshies and Australians because they are simply our “entitlement” to freedom of expression.

Phew! I am glad we got that settled.