The ETS Scam

As the world Climate Change/Warmist consensus falls down around the lying scientists ears, meanwhile back here in New Zealand it is business as usual. Only the NZ Herald has picked up the story and devotes a pathetic amount of coverage to what is the biggest scam in the history of the world where an elite group of climate scientists have conspired to massage data, dodging scrutiny, hounding out sceptical editors, fudging figures, the possibly criminal destruction of data under FOI request, tax avoidance, gloating over a sceptic?s death, character assassination of sceptics. admissions of using ?tricks? to ?hide? inconvenient trends, farming grants, private admissions of grave doubts in their own public warming warnings, close collusion with green groups, the joint concocting of the most alarmist announcements and much more.

Nick Smith is busily stitching up a deal that will need to be passed under urgency, bypassing electoral scrutiny in select committee and all by bribing tribal leaders with a trip to Copenhagen. It is all there in black and white from Nick Smith as I said yesterday.

The bizarre thing about this whole stitch up is that no-one knows exactly how much this is all going to cost us to bribe Maori into supprting something the majority of their MPs oppose. In the NZ Herald this morning we hear the windfall for the select group of elite maoritocracy is to be around $50 million per annum or so says Mark Solomon, the very, very close friend of Sacha McMeeking, the Billion Dollar woman. The Herald even hints at the corruption involved, albeit subtly, with its headline. “$50 million deal buys Maori vote on emissions”

Meanwhile Colin Espiner says that Nick Smith says that it is only $25 million and he has a treasury report to back it up and then we have “a leaked email sent to iwi leaders by the head of the negotiating group, Willie Te Aho, the deal is worth up to $2 billion to Maori, depending on carbon prices.”

What sort of Mickey Mouse outfit do we have here?

How can the biggest danger to our economy be passed under urgency so that New Zealand and its aging kapa haka group can wave a piece of paper at a dead conference in Copenhagen to say we were first and all based on science that is daily proven to be a lie?

UPDATE: The Standard’s author MartyG agrees with the Whale.