The Irony of our Corruption rating

While Transparency International says we are the least corrupt nation on earth we have the irony unfolding right in front of us of a political party more corrupt than Winston First and politicians more corrupt than Winston Peters himself.

I am talking of course about the Maori Party. A party that has made it clear this week that all policy is for sale, not just for horse trading under the MMP system but genuinely for sale.

We have the bizarre situation where our democracy is actually shown to be a farce and that big maori business interests are simply buying policy that suits them.

The Maori Party is deeply divided over changes to the emissions trading scheme ? but is unlikely to split its vote on the issue.
Sources say that they expect the party will continue to support the Government on the bill, despite the fact that three of its five MPs oppose it.
Read that very carefully…”three of its five MPs”…a majority…oppose the ETS. And not one Lame Stream media journalist can be bothered actually getting to the bottom of the farce that is the ETS and the desecration of our conservation estate for the ETS.
Matthew Hooton gets it. He published an article in the NBR about it. Someone kindly provided me a copy as I am boycotting NBR for their stupid paywall policy.
Another who gets it and is perhaps one of our wisest political commentators despite his pinko tendencies is Chris Trotter. His first post about the Hone Harawira episode provides some much needed clarity but it is his second post that is simply brilliant in looking between the trees of the forest and finding the real timber.
Everyone was picking on Honest Hone but in the context of the email exchange it was Buddy Mikaere who called pakeha Mofo’s in the first place. Trotter is right. Mikaere’s outburst and Honest Hone’s response was stage managed so that Honest Hone, the objector to the ETS could be neutralised. Honest Hone could always be relied upon to react in that manner and in that he didn’t disappoint.
The Maori Party before the election objected strongly to an ETS, yet now they appear to have sold out, even when three of their five MPs oppose it. That only way they could have changed tune is for a bribe of massive proportions to have occurred. A very good summary of the situation can be found at Radio New Zealand.
What saddens me the most is that it is the National party that is enabling and indeed encouraging the sale of policy positions in order to gain, for reasons as yet unknown, an ETS.
Might I suggest that all those who oppose the ETS, for whatever reason, join together toensure such an egregious corruption of our political process does not progress through our parliament. It matters not that I don’t believe in Globals Warming and that other readers do, it matters not that I oppose other parties on other polciy and they oppose me, what matters is that we oppose the ETS and have it voted down. What’s more it takes only a few votes to have this outrage, and from whatever perspective you come from, it is an outrage voted down.
If you don’t think the ETS goes far enough and you want a better system for pollution control vote it down. If you don’t believe in Global Warming and think an ETS is a waste of time vote it down. If you think that the price is too high and that NZ does matter a damn in the global scheme of things then vote it down. If you hate National for everything them vote it down. If you think the ETS will destroy our economy vote it down. If you think that the secret deal gives advantage to the Big Five tribes unfairly, then vote it down.
I urge right thinking and honest politicians to cross the floor if necessary. This corruption can not be allowed to stand.