They don't like it up 'em

I have been re-watching old Dad’s Army episodes and my favourite character of all time was Corporal Jones. Corporal Jones had two catch cries both of which are applicable to the shellacking that Cactus Kate is dealing out to Tim (nice but dim) Murphy at the NZ Herald. The first was “Don’t Panic!, Don’t Panic“, which was apt advice when Cactus Kate posted the first article on APN’s reluctance to print bad stories about rich people. Tim (nice but dim) Murphy should have just STFU, but instead he burst forth across the blogs screaming to all who would care to listen that there was nothing in this story, noting to see here, move along. Most of the leftwing bloggers like poor dear Russell Brown who still hasn’t managed to score himself a column at the Herald complied like they were order from the erstwhile Prime minister Helen Clark.

The second catch cry of Corporal Jones was “Cold Steel, they don’t like it up ’em you know”. That is where Cactus Kate is at now, she has fixed bayonets and is having at the enemy with cold steel.

The Lame Stream Media at the Herald are losing this battle and they for sure don’t like it up ’em.