Two out of three ain't bad for Lisa Lewis

Lisa for Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year AwardWhile the Herald on Sunday was following a fraud for their big story of the weekend the Sunday News and Sunday Star Times show that they are more social media savvy than their counterparts and have both written about the nomination of Lisa Lewis for the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award.

I think both articles are well written and the SST article even bothered to look at the reasons behind the nomination which were contained on the nomination form. That is admirable reporting from their perspective.

Jonathan Marshall resisted the urge to go tacky and has also written a nice piece with some very good quotes from Lisa Lewis as well.

“I was surprised that I had been nominated, but then upon saying that, with the way I conduct business I am also left feeling finally appreciated. I am incredibly humbled, privileged and excited to have been nominated.

“I feel that it is a validation to me and the profession that I am in,” Lewis said.

“I am an honest person – in fact one of the very few that uses my own name which confirms how honest I really am in my business.”

Fantastic quote. In Lisa’s line of business there is no cheating and lying and false advertising, it is what it is and honesty and integrity are the best policy.

That is the point really. Annah Stretton who is a previous winner makes and sells clothes. Almost anyone can do that. Another winner Julie Christie makes reality TV shows about people like Lisa Lewis, how hard can that be? Her next show for goodness sake is said to be “New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker” Might I suggest that Lisa Lewis takes up baking. The whole article looks like Julie Christie is making another bid for the award with her PR schmoozed article in the Sunday Star Times. It all reads a bit like a press release and is a bit sad really. The SST only spiced it up with some comments from Charlotte Dawson and a mention of Julie’s alleged new rent-boy.

Lisa in stark contrast is selling a product most of society shuns or doesn’t understand in a very competitive market where many, many women even give it away for free. The fact that she gets top dollar and isn’t short of clients shows how savvy a business woman she really is.

Meanwhile Lisa’s online supporters continue to join the Facebook group supporting her. Now at 458 members. Let’s make this competition about real business women not one for multi-million dollar establishment tossers.