Twyford takes one up the Gary again

Despite months of planning, and taxpayer expense in setting up his office just metres aways from Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye’s, Phil “assume the position” Twyford tonight announced the worst kept secret in NZ politics.

Phil “assume the position” Twyford is taking one in the pooper again for the party and going to try to stand in Waitakere.

Paula Bennett will be laughing her considerable tits off at the prospect of a professional carpet-bagger trying to be a westie, meanwhile the second worst secret that Labour will put up the air-head and “incredibly privileged” Jacinda Ardern against Nikki kaye will now come into play which is why Trevor “Putin” Mallard has been the buddy MP for Waikato since the election.

Poor old Phil “assume the position” Twyford, long Helen’s heir apparent for Mt Albert, was given one in the chook because of the Tizard effect and Phil wanted to parachute his pal in from Baghdad and now has to take one in the Gary again to get an “incredibly privileged” air-head into Auckland Central to try to unseat Nikki Kaye.

The only issue Jacinda has, apart from being “incredibly privileged” is that there will be a 10 way fight from every Labour lackie and lickspittle from Jordan “Trade is immoral” Carter to the old warhorse Judith Tizard to all the ousted CityVision candidates from the local body election.