VRWC Announcement – New Member and Associate nominations

Cactus Kate accused me of stealing the story in advance and so without further ado I will.

She posted two quotes from bloggers about the farcical ETS scheme that Nick Smith is foisting upon us all through the house at the moment.

She challenges readers through her incredibly delaye moderated comments system to:

Without cheating tell us:
a) the bloggers
b) their political spectrum

Well since I am stealing the story as egged on by Cactus I can reveal to you that the first quote in defence of the poor long suffering taxpayer was from Bomber at Tumeke and the second quote defending the troughing of Farmers and the reintroduction of Muldoonist subsidies was none other David P. Farrar.

Amzazing isn’t it. Bomber is having an epiphany and DPF is showing why we tossed his sorry pinko ass from the VRWC.

Accordingly I have an announcement to make on behalf of the VRWC.

Bomber Bradbury is hereby nominated for full membership into the VRWC to fill the vacancy left by the dumping of the aforementioned pinko DPF. Votes please in the comments. The VRWC Legal counsel and offshore representative will make the final decision.

We also announce that we are creating an Associate Status and that we have one nomination for a place as an Associate member of the VRWC.

That nomination is for Rocky at The Standard aka Rochelle Rees. She is nominated for 4 reasons;

  1. Her outstanding post in defence of private property rights on the Foreshore and Seabed issue.
  2. Her equally outstanding post on the faux outrage over Honest Hone’s comments recently.
  3. She is only Standard poster who has her name known (apart from Lynn, the guy with the girls name)
  4. She will criticise Labour

Feel free to comment extensively in support or otherwise of these nominations.