Who is running Labour?

Months ago Phil Goff told us all that he had informed his MPs that troughing on travel should be watched carefully.

Despite that the latest figures show that Labour MPs are the biggest troughers and Trevor Mallard has outed himself as a trougher by making sure he has some “important meetings” in London, coincidentally at the same time as a Rugby test at Twickers.

So it begs the question. Who is really in charge of Labour?

I ask because it seems Trevor is a law unto himself and ignoring the leaders requests but then who can blame him when Phil Goff leads the travel troughing stakes himself.

The candidates appear to be Trevor Mallard and David Cun(t)liffe, the man who finds that the banks failed to pass on a teeny tiny amount of the OCR drop and ignored such an inquiry when Labour were in government and interest rates were much higher and worse still ignores the gouging and usury against the poor to moan about a quarter of a per sent from banks. We know for sure that it ain’t Phil Goff.