Why is Goff letting Hone shaft Labour's chances of a coalition with the Maori Party?

kiwienglish5Something that the lazy bastard generally white mofos in the Lame Stream Media have yet to pick up on is that Phil Goff, without apparently making any real effort, seems to be doing his level best to drive a massive wedge between Labour & the Maori Party, as well as giving Maori voters a pretty good reason of why they should not vote for a Phil Goff led Labour Party.

Phil’s had a shocker. He didn?t need to do anything, yet there he was indignant and all angry on the TV last night that Hone reckoned he should be lined up against a wall and shot. Now there are many who would agree with “Honest Hone”, so maybe Honest Hone is just more in touch with the electorate than Labour and Phil Goff.

What Phil should have done is laughed it off, said he would have to get Hone around for a BBQ (except David and Trevor and Maryan have booked out all the Labour Party BBQs for the foreseeable future) to discuss the issues out of the media spotlight, and said that it was great having such a diverse range of opinions in parliament (that?s the kind of lame arse statement you expect from the liberal elite when some batshit mad greenie does something really dumb, and gets the chardonnay socialists clapping like happy seals).

But no, Goff goes all postal on the news proving the point that he is a useless mofo and is utterly embarrassed at being out muscled in the PR stakes by some cheeky darkie from up North.

What I do think is refreshing is that at least we know where Hone stands on these issues. The same place he always has. Where do Tariana and Pita stand though, that is the real question. Are they being a like “Honest Hone” or are they like all other politicians scared to let honesty get in the way of a good story.