A Wiki Defence – A Whale of a Case

I have been getting a lot of support via email, Facebook and other messages.

I have decided to take a radical step given the extremely high public interest in this case, interestingly caused by the Police trying to inconvenience me by laying issuing their summons after all the law firms had shut for Christmas. Also Christmas traditionally is a news vacuum which they conveniently allowed me to fill. According to DPF my page views were 50% higher than his for Christmas and Boxing day.

Anyway onto my experiment. For all those budding lawyers, real lawyers and interested parties out there I have created a Wiki editable page for the development of the defence. I don’t think anyone has ever developed their defence in public before but given the Police have a distinct lack of understanding of technology, social media and the internet I reckon it will be an interesting experiment.

Given that I have already rung 20 law firms and only received out of office messages that they will be closed till the 11th this is really my only option other than an adjournment. Still I’d trust my readers and the internet way more anyway to collate and assemble a reasonable defence.

Let me know in comments if there are any issues, or via email. I believe that if you are a registered user on the blog then you can edit the Wiki page. When adding paragraphs you do need to pop into the html editor and add paragraph tags e.g. <p>

So there you go, help the Whale if you are able.