And the rush was for what?

National hastily amended Labours silly ETS so that John Key could wave a piece of paper at Carbonhagen. Of course he was promptly ignored in favour of a bigger liar when it came to climate change, Kevin Rudd.

Now we hear that Carbonhagen is in disarray. The poor countries have worked out that they will stay poor and China has worked out the whole thing is a farce. In fact Carbonhagen has been nothing but a whole heap of hot air.

Lord Monckton covered the Liar in Chief’s speech in detail and it is posted at Watts Up With That. A better fisking of a speech you will not see. Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC basically lied from beginning to end. Perhaps the only truthful part of his speech was when he named himself.

Both Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair have noted that the people who want a Copenhagen deal look like this. Do these people really look like the kind who?d know best how to run your economy?