Andrew Williams wants a tunnel because….

Debate has opened on the requirement for a new harbour crossing for Auckland and boy does it show the true colours of some people including teh Clown of Campbells Bay, the Mad Mayor of North Shore. Thankfully there is less than one year left in his tenure now.

His explanation for building a tunnel instead of a bridge despite the extra cost of $2 billion is….wait for it…because it is a super idea for super city. The man is an unmitigated fuckwit.

Clearly something needs to be done but it is the devils choice. Some will want a tunnel and some a bridge, personally I don’t a flying rat’s arse which but one thing is for certain, that we will have a super sized rates bill to go with it.

Len Brown isn’t much better in his enthusiasm for bridge with rail. You have to ask yourself has he ever been to the North Shore and used the existing train system? Well has he? Conor Roberts is probably just now whispering in his ear that there are as many train lines on the North Shore as there are in Howick i.e. Precisely none. So Len’s great vision will take people over the bridge in trains to nowhere. Then in order for that to be useful he would need to bowl a whole heap of houses (that’ll be popular) to put in a train line that no one will ever bloody use.

One wonders how he will pay for the bridge plus all the bribes projects that he will need as a sop to the left. Increased rates is how.