Another high profile name suppression

There are two stories in the media at the moment about alleged criminals and both have name suppression. One is a socialite but largely unknown woman and the other is a thug with form. I know the name of the woman but looking at the case and the circumstances of her history this year I will not publish her name even though the name suppression will be lifted tomorrow at 5pm.

The other piece of shit though I will name, mainly because he is a piece of shit with previous form.

He faces a raft of charges including four charges of raping his wife, unlawful sexual connection with his wife and abduction for sex.

The sportsman, whose age and occupation also cannot be revealed, also faces five charges of assault, assault with intent to injure and threatening to kill.

He has been remanded on bail after being ordered to surrender his passport and not to contact any Crown witnesses. He will next appear in January when he will face the assault charges, in the family violence court.

The man is also scheduled to appear in the Auckland High Court in February for the more serious charges.

I see no reason why this criminal, and he is a criminal having been previously convicted and sentenced to 4 years prison in 1995, should have name suppression until at least January. Women especially are at risk from this guy. He has a history of violence towards children and towards women. If they are going to name a businesswoman drug dealer on Friday why isn’t this prick being named now.

In order to complete his first name you need to be a person familiar with bars in the Viaduct and know Chinese.

This man was convicted and served 4 years for a violent offence in 1995

This man was convicted and served 4 years for a violent offence in 1995