Are Repeaters really that dumb?

The answer of course is yes, and a classic example of how dumb the repeaters are is an article on Stuff from NZPA about missing chemicals a year after they went missing.

A chemical which could help make nearly $1 billion worth of the drug methamphetamine, or P, is still missing, nearly a year after it was stolen.

One thousand litres of hypophosphorus acid, a key ingredient in P manufacturing, was stolen from a Mt Maunganui factory in January – the biggest theft of its kind in New Zealand. The acid was worth at least $1 million on the black market and had the potential to make 900kg of P, worth about $900 million, the Bay of Plenty Times reported.

Details of the January raid on a Mt Maunganui factory were revealed at the sentencing of Tauranga beneficiary Terrence Rangihouhori Tata, 36, in Tauranga District Court this week.

Uhmmmm….they didn’t work out that it isn’t missing, it got made into methamphetamine and got smoked up a pipe by thousands of addicts. Of course the acid hasn’t ben recovered, because it doesn’t exist anymore.

No wonder cops have to chase breaches in name suppression they can’t even work out what happened to a precursor substance that went missing.