Celebrating Kiwi Companies

I was reading my favourite Firearms Blog and I came across a post about a company I had never heard of working in and industry I know a great deal about and better still that company was a Kiwi company called Ordnance Development Limited.

This is their post;

DefenseNews has published an interesting article about a small family owned business in New Zealand that manufactures and exports military ammunition using modified vintage machinery from the 1920s. From DefenseNews

How can a small, family-owned firm, with a core staff of 12 (which swells to about 20 when necessary) compete in such a vast industry?

“It is very much quality, and the niche that we work in,” Quigley said. “We know what we are doing with training ammunition. We are reliable, on time and on budget.”

Cole particularly admires the design of one of ODL’s older pieces of equipment. “It’s a .50-cal loading machine from the 1920s,” he said. “It is absolutely brilliant.”

Wow, this is seriously cool, New Zealand has an armaments manufacturer footing it on the world stage and is a top 5 player in their area of expertise. I seriously want to go and do a story on these guys, but on the sole proviso that I get to have “bomb up”.

In fact I was thinking of doing a 52 week feature video series for next year of Lisa Lewis and Guns, these guys would be perfect sponsors especially hen we get to the machine gun section.