CLIMATEGATE – NIWA excuse pathetic

Niwa has advised us of their excuse explanation for New Zealand’s 1 degree warming. It’s short and so I will post it in full so you can see what a load of b.s. it is.

Climate scientists say temperatures in New Zealand rose 1C between 1931 and 2008.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research scientists said yesterday that the analysis of long-term measurements from seven weather stations showing warming was backed up by other observations, including measurements from ships.

A 1995 study identified an upward trend of about 0.7C from 1900 to 1993 in night-time minimum air temperatures measured from ships over the ocean surrounding NZ.

“That trend is similar to the trend from the seven-station land network over the same period,” a Niwa spokesman said.

A senior climate scientist formerly employed by Niwa, Jim Salinger, has identified from the Niwa climate archives a set of 11 stations with long records where there have been no significant changes.

Niwa said: “When the annual temperatures from all of these sites are averaged to form a temperature series for New Zealand, the best-fit linear trend is a warming of 1C from 1931 to 2008.”

The institute was responding to a row – the so-called “climategate” controversy in which the private emails of climate scientists were hacked and leaked on the internet by climate-change sceptics.

This statement raises more questions than it answers which wouldn’t be hard since it answers none of the pressing questions that Rodney asked.

  1. So we have based our entire scientific advice behind our ETS for NZ on the basis of just 7 weather stations across the whole of New Zealand?
  2. FFS there are more than that in Auckland alone, why those seven?
  3. Why not include the other 11 that Jim Salinger found?
  4. So the entire “proof” that New Zealand warmed is based on just maybe 18 weather-stations across New Zealand?
  5. Good Grief, TVNZ gives us more weather data from more locations than that every night, why not use their data?
  6. It couldn’t be any worse, could it?
  7. Why alter the data on any of the stations, and which stations did have data alterations?
  8. How relevant is it to include temperature readings from ships, which you know are made of steel and surrounded by a cold sea?
  9. Who else in the world does this and is it valid peer-reviewed (oh the side hurt with laughter as I type that) process to include ships travelling at night?
  10. Where is NZPA’s proof that the emails were a)hacked, b) leaked by climate change sceptics?

This is just complete bollocks, and our tax dollars pay these guys. Time for a drastic budget slash at NIWA methinks.