CLIMATEGATE – Number 1 in top 15 internet scandals

Six Revisions has compiled a list of the top 15 internet scandals/controversies of all time and it is the newest that is number 1.

That’s right the leak of the ClimateGate emails is rated as the top internet controversy ever. That’s how big it is and the Mainstream media pretty much passed it by.

The biggest internet controversy in history and our media says nothing to see here, move along.

The exposure of much of the science behind the lies that support the fraud that is the Climate Change industry is released on the internet and the mainstream media is missing in action.

More reportage went into the billion dollars flushed down the Carbonhagen sewers. The conspirators as revealed behind the CRU emails are shown up as bullies and connivers and liars in their attempts to pervert science to hteir way of thinking.

The collusion in destroying the peer-reviewed process is astonishing. Read the story of how they spent a year colluding to destroy just one peer reviewed paper they didn’t like. The story puts some of the emails in context and reveals how exactly they went about it linking the emails to the facts of the time. There can be no doubt that these actions are actually a criminal conspiracy to defraud.