CLIMATEGATE – Phil Jones steps down

Dodgy Climategate scientist Phil Jones has stepped down pending an investigation into allegations that he overstated the case for man-made climate change.

I’d say the investigation shouldn’t take that long, about as long as it takes to read 1000 emails. It looks like people are starting to take the emails seriously and aren’t believing the obfuscations of the Warmists. What will hang Jones is his denial of deleting evidence and the emails he sent that said he had destroyed the data.

I think it is time for some investigations to start here too, like at NIWA.

Michael Mann the inventor and I do mean inventor, of the now much discredited hockey stick is also under investigation in the US. Penn State has been overwhelmed with the response from the scientific community.? It was left with no other option but investigate.

Did I mention that we should start investigations at NIWA?

And now some commentators are calling Global Warming the Green Movements WMD’s;

As the old saying goes, I always felt the Bush administration put too many of its eggs in the WMD basket.? We have always been a country that defends a people?s right to freedom.? ?The cause of freedom? actually means something to Americans and is a reasonable justification for spilling our blood.? We value freedom and will fight so that others can prosper under it. Just consider World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf War, and Afghanistan.? All involved affronts to liberty that America?sought to rectify.

But the ultimate downfall is that the administration hung its reasoning on something that arguably was disproven.

The same appears to be happening with the ?Green Movement.?

Former Vice President Al Gore, President Barack Obama, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon?and others have been running around the world with their hair on fire yelling that if the world does not tackle?man-made global warming, we?ll be on an irreversible path of destruction.? For all intents and purposes, world leaders have hung their credibility on the idea that the earth is warming and if we do nothing to stop it, we?ll be instigating Day After Tomorrow-type horrors.

First came a fairly steady drip of news that the earth may, in fact, be experiencing a cooling pattern.? This past summer, Chicago never once saw a day above 90 degrees.? Other stories made skeptics scratch their heads and wonder what was really going on.

Then the leaked e-mails surfaced, in which global warming ?scientists,? including one lauded by Al Gore, are caught manipulating the facts.

I wonder when Al Gore will be indicted for what one Australian Scientist calls a Crime against Humanity, this article is a doozy and you should read? it in its entirety.

At a time when the world is facing both severe economic instability and constraints on vital energy supplies, to have critical decision making in both areas distorted by deliberate untruths is a very big deal indeed.?It is far beyond just a petty academic dispute or scientific misconduct. Even though it does entail millions of dollars being obtained by false pretences and also involves a betrayal of vital national interests, it goes beyond fraud or even treason. Bad decisions stemming from false information on climate change will at minimum result in dangerous exacerbation of economic and energy shortages. With resulting wars and famines, AGW could well become a crime against humanity exceeding any that have gone before.

People like the new deniers at Hot Topic have now resorted to ad hominem attacks on those of us who seek the truth but;

Although AGW proponents would, of course, make the same argument regarding the danger of climate change, there are distinct differences.?Climate sceptics have only argued the reasons and evidence.?They have not lied about evidence or suppressed and distorted it nor have they engaged in fraud to obtain billions of dollars in funding. Perhaps most importantly, sceptics have called for open debate, transparency and independent verification while warmers have tried to suppress any opinion other than consent and to hold their authority to be beyond question or examination. In a situation where science is most needed, warmers have greatly damaged both its functioning and its credibility. Ironically though, they have also restored credibility in a healthy scepticism and the authority they tried to claim they have themselves discredited.

Unfortunately, public leaders find it almost impossible to ever admit error and reverse themselves once they have committed to a position. Even though the blatant fraud behind catastrophic warming has been exposed for all to see, a meaningless charade of empty political posturing will probably continue for some time while leaders try to find a graceful way to exit.

That is where John Key, Nick Smith and other dickheads who fell for the bunkum, hocus-pocus made up bullshit of the so called scientists are right now. Right now the Greens are also in a precarious political position. Their very reason for existence has been categorically destroyed, ironic at the same time as their super-fund investments in Green technology.

Eventually the New Zealand media will reluctantly have to start to reveal the Great Green Fraud that has been perpetrated on the nation.

The basic relevant facts are that carbon emissions are not the principal factor in global warming, and despite dire contrary forecasts and ever-increasing carbon-emissions in the world — especially as the economies of China and India, representing 40% of the world’s population, expand by 6% to 10% each year — the world has not grown a millidegree warmer since the start of this millennium. And its mean temperature rose by only one centigrade degree in the 25 years before that. The greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide emissions does have a gentle warming effect if it is not counteracted by unpredictable natural phenomena, but cannot be measured directly against the volume of such emissions.

The chief source of apparently informed hysteria on this subject, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has estimated that the mean world temperature will increase by between 1.8 degrees C and 4 degrees C in this century, although a tenth of that warming has already failed to occur in the last decade. But even this prediction does not remotely justify all the cant and hype that the end of the world is nigh.

I think that there should be some ashamed National Party MPs, they will be looking nervously at each other coming up to this Christmas break wondering just how Smiling John can get them out of this one. Well I’ll tell them how. Fire Nick Smith for a start. Then apologise to the nation, nothing goes down better than an apology, then repeal the ETS and all the other climate change bullshit in the first sitting after the holidays.