CLIMATEGATE – So what was the rush for?

Nick Smith rammed our ETS through parliament under urgency with one of the major reasons being to harmonise with Australia. Well that has coming crashing down around the fools ears with ClimateGate and now with the Australian Senate in particular the Opposition steeled by dumping their warmist leader has dumped their ETS in the bin. Rudd is now faced with the possibility of calling an early election and with the Liberals couching the next election in terms around the fraud that is Climate Change the Labor’s wish for a massive tax upon the Australian population.

“As leader I am not frightened of an election,” Mr Abbott said after his victory. “I am not afraid of an election on this (ETS) issue.

“This is a $120 billion tax on the Australian public, and that is just for starters.” he said.

Why has no-one here squealed about the massive taxes levied against our population? I wish we had a leader of the National party that would call the warmists on their bullshit like Tony Abbot has done in Australia.

He once called Mr Rudd “a toxic bore” because of his environmentalist zeal.

“I don’t say there aren’t problems, but I refuse to be terrified of the future,” Mr Abbot said recently.

“If you look at Roman times, grapes grew up against Hadrian’s Wall. In the 1700s they had ice fairs on the Thames.

“So the world has been significantly hotter, significantly colder than it is now. We’ve coped.”

Nick Smith and John Key pushed this through so we could be world laders whenn it is increasingly likely that new Zealand will be left standing as the only country who actually bought into the hype, the lies and the fraud that is Global Warming.

Already Copenhagen is doomed. The Chinese and Indians look set to walk, along with the Brazilians and South Africans and the ClimateGate scandal has discredited much of the science and the scientists behind the advise for the IPCC and behind the necessity for the Copenhagen Treaty.

In an unprecedented move, India on Saturday joined China and two other developing countries to prepare for a major offensive on rich nations at the Copenhagen conference on Climate Change next month.

The four countries, which include Brazil and South Africa, agreed to a strategy that involves jointly walking out of the conference if the developed nations try to force their own terms on the developing world, Jairam Ramesh, the Indian minister for environment and forests (independent charge), said.

?We will not exit in isolation. We will co-ordinate our exit if any of our non-negotiable terms is violated. Our entry and exit will be collective,? Ramesh told reporters in Beijing.

So we will go to Copenhagen as the ONLY country in the world to have implemented an ETS, the ONLY country in the world to have exposed our economy and industry to the vast Ponzi scheme ever invented, a scheme that is based on shonky science and down right lies. We will be the laughing stock of the world now as the world realises that Al Gore and his almost conned the whole of humanity with the greatest fraud yet conceived since Ponzi first lent his name to that type of fraud.

I shake my head in bemusement at what John Key and Nick Smith have done to our country. I wonder too what a secret ballot of the National caucus would reveal on the issue of Climate Change. And I wait with baited breathe for “Witi” Farrar to cut and paste Bill English’s and Nick Smiths obfuscations.