CLIMATEGATE – Stopping the news

hat tip Andrew Bolt

Why have our Lame Stream Media been so quiet on Climategate?

Search Climategate in and you get 31,600,000 results, Search Climatgate in and you get just one result and it is a lie at that, At Stuff you get four results for Climategate, TVNZ has just one result from three weeks ago, TV3 is doing the best with just 10 results but still pathetic coverage of the largest fraud ever perpetrated against mankind.

Make no mistake, our media are doing their best imitations at an ostrich hoping, just hoping that ClimateGate will go away. Well it won’t and by the time it is finished Bernie Madoff is going to look like a choir-boy when compared to Michael Mann, Phil Jones and Albert Gore.

How hugely ironic it is that the medium which Al Gore “invented” is the same medium that is destroying him and his credibility and at the same time as the Lame Stream Media.

Not content with my figures then check this out;

John Roskam divides Google mentions per country of origin by population, and confirms your suspicions:

The Media are censoring climategate.

The Media are censoring climategate.