CLIMATEGATE – The most influential tree and crazy nutbar goes mental

As the Warmenisers world comes crumblig down around their ears we are finding out alarming details about the supposedly settled science.

For us here in New Zealand that NIWA has based their entire NZ is warming hypothesis on just seven hand-picked weather stations, hand picked by the now discredited Jim Salinger. NIWA has literally hundreds of weather stations but they have cherry picked seven, even then they manipulated that data.

And so we move on to the story of the the most influential tree in the world. it is somewhere in Siberia, the exact location unknown because the psuedo-scientists won’t tell us where. This is a special tree because it is the ONLY tree in Briffa’s study that showed data that remotely resembled Michael Mann’s fake data hockey-stick.

Although McIntyre’s exposure of the “hockey stick” was upheld in 2006 by two expert panels commissioned by the US Congress, the small group of scientists at the top of the IPCC brushed this aside by pointing at a hugely influential series of graphs originating from the CRU, from Jones and Briffa. These appeared to confirm the rewriting of climate history in the “hockey stick”, by using quite different tree ring data from Siberia. Briffa was put in charge of the key chapter of the IPCC’s fourth report, in 2007, which dismissed all McIntyre’s criticisms.

At the forefront of those who found suspicious the graphs based on tree rings from the Yamal peninsula in Siberia was McIntyre himself, not least because for years the CRU refused to disclose the data used to construct them. This breached a basic rule of scientific procedure. But last summer the Royal Society insisted on the rule being obeyed, and two months ago Briffa accordingly published on his website some of the data McIntyre had been after.

This was startling enough, as McIntyre demonstrated in an explosive series of posts on his Climate Audit blog, because it showed that the CRU studies were based on cherry-picking hundreds of Siberian samples only to leave those that showed the picture that was wanted. Other studies based on similar data had clearly shown the Medieval Warm Period as hotter than today. Indeed only the evidence from one tree, YADO61, seemed to show a “hockey stick” pattern, and it was this, in light of the extraordinary reverence given to the CRU’s studies, which led McIntyre to dub it “the most influential tree in the world”.

That’s right folks the “influential” IPPCC fourth report is almost entirely based on the tree rings of just a single tree. This would be like a polling company polling every electorate then picking the prime ministers own electorate to then tell him that his support nationwide is sky-high. Total and utter bollocks.

But it gets worse. We have heard the warmenisers tell us that the CRU emails were taken out of context. Well here is the context put back in;

But more dramatic still has been the new evidence from the CRU’s leaked documents, showing just how the evidence was finally rigged. The most quoted remark in those emails has been one from Prof Jones in 1999, reporting that he had used “Mike [Mann]’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps” to “Keith’s” graph, in order to “hide the decline”. Invariably this has been quoted out of context. Its true significance, we can now see, is that what they intended to hide was the awkward fact that, apart from that one tree, the Yamal data showed temperatures not having risen in the late 20th century but declining. What Jones suggested, emulating Mann’s procedure for the “hockey stick” (originally published in Nature), was that tree-ring data after 1960 should be eliminated, and substituted ? without explanation ? with a line based on the quite different data of measured global temperatures, to convey that temperatures after 1960 had shot up.

A further devastating blow has now been dealt to the CRU graphs by an expert contributor to McIntyre’s Climate Audit, known only as “Lucy Skywalker”. She has cross-checked with the actual temperature records for that part of Siberia, showing that in the past 50 years temperatures have not risen at all. (For further details see the science blog Watts Up With That.)

There is only one word that can be used to describe those actions and tactics of those scientists involved. Fraud. Plain and simple fraud, no wonder Al Gore has scarpered, the politicians are usually the first to bolt when the game is up.Our media remains baffled, confused and ostrich like in the face of the growing evidence of the greatest financial and scientific fraud ever.

Little of this extraordinary story been reported by the BBC or most of our mass-media, so possessed by groupthink that they are unable to see the mountain of evidence now staring them in the face. Not for nothing was Copenhagen the city in which Hans Andersen wrote his story about the Emperor whose people were brainwashed into believing that he was wearing a beautiful suit of clothes. But today there are a great many more than just one little boy ready to point out that this particular Emperor is wearing nothing at all.

Finally for some light entertainment let’s all watch a warmist lose the plot and prove he has no idea how utterly corrupt peer-review has become.