ClimateGate – Why only 18 stations now?

The NZ Herald finally covers Climategate but not to explain how scientists have lied, manipulated and fiddled in order to produce dodgy statisitics. No they publish an article on how they are going to continue to do it.

NIWA’s David Wratt says that NIWA is going to publish the data for 18 weather stations that show New Zealand has been warming since 1931. It”s laughable really in the face of such a serious issue. NIWA has more than 18 stations in the Auckland region alone, let alone the rest of the country.

The repeater didn’t think to ask the obvious questions.

  1. Why only those 18?
  2. What happened to the previous 7?
  3. How many weather stations does NIWA actually have?
  4. Why isn’t that data available?
  5. What are you hiding Mr Wratt?

Helpfully NIWA’s own site tells us that they have data from;

from about 6500 climate stations which have been operating for various periods since the earliest observations were made in the year 1850. The database continues to receive data from over 600 stations that are currently operating.

So, why when they have data from over 600 active weatherstations and over 6500 weatherstations in total do they show us the data of just 18. That is just 3% and a number too small to measure but less than 1% of total weatherstations. That is hardly representative of New Zealand’s climate.

Of course resident Warmeniser cheer leaders have held up the new 18 station graph as proof of warming. Helpfully they have told us which stations have been used. Now word of warning here, you may need to hold your sides to stop the pain from the laughter you are about to feel.

Raoul Island, Tauranga Airport, Ruakura (Hamilton), Gisborne Airport, Chateau Tongariro, Palmerston North DSIR/AgResearch, Westport Airport, Molesworth, Queenstown, Invercargill Airport and Campbell Island.

If anyone has an photos of these sites then please send them in.

Raoul Island – Bwahahahahahahaha, From Wikipedia, the largest and northernmost of the main Kermadec Islands, (located at 29?15?S 177?55?W? / ?29.25?S 177.917?W? / -29.25; -177.917, 900?km SSW of ‘Ata Island of Tonga and 1100?km NNE of New Zealand’s North Island), has been the source of vigorous volcanic activity during the past several thousand years that was dominated by dacitic explosive eruptions. I wonder if those gasses escaping from the volcano might have contributed anything to the so called warming, but seriously they have included an island 1100 kilometres from the tip of the North Island.

Campbell Island – is situated 700 km south of New Zealand’s mainland and is a large sub-Antarctic island.

So of the new data from 11 new stations plus the secret 7 previously two are from islands that are amongst the remostest places on earth. Excuse me if I just don’t piss myself laughing. But wait there is more mirth from these tossposts. These special extra 11 stations were hand picked by Jim Salinger, yes the same one from the emails, because they show warming.

I repeat Dr, Mr, whatever title you like to use Wratt, where is ALL the data from ALL the stations….excuse me if you feel offended, its just that we don’t trust you or your organisation anymore.