Coming for ya Richard

Right it is way past midday and Richard Northey hasn’t responded either to the post or to my email asking him for comment. Accordingly the gloves are off. This is going to be a bare knuckle, knock ’em down, drag ’em out fight that you are going to lose.

Richard Northey was on the Auckland City Council when he was also an MP in 1984-86 and claims it doesn’t count as he was paid fees, not a salary and only for turning up.

Begs the question:
What do you call a bloke that goes on about an opponent doing exactly what you have done as if it is the end of the world?

  1. a hypocrite
  2. deluded fool thinking that someone wont notice
  3. Richard Northey
  4. all of the above

It is all downhill from here on in and it will teach you and your mates like Carol “Caropotomus” Beaumont not to mess around in dirty, smearing politics like you are used to.