Complete Arse of the Year Award

The Clown of Campbells Bay - Andrew WilliamsThis award would have to go to Andrew Williams who unsurprisingly has also won many more awards at The Aucklander.

Edward Rooney has splendidly summarised the Clown of Campbells Bay complete arse of a year. The Mad Mayor of North Shore thankfully has less than a year left in the job when he will then slink off to Taupo, or so The Whale’s spies tell him. I’m not sure Taupo wants him though.

Of course Andrew Williams may yet have another rush of shit to the brains and decide to delight WOBH readers by standing for the Super City mayoralty.

My favourite award from the series is the:

Most frightful drug reaction.

Andrew Williams. On December 14, Prime Minister John Key confirmed he’d deleted “obnoxious and aggressive” text messages sent to him by Mr Williams, some as late as 3.30am. Mr Williams eventually offered a qualified apology for the messages, saying he’d been on “a lot of painkillers” following a cycling accident in March.

Need we remind you that the Mad Mayor also has frightful reactions to alcohol.