DimPost's top list of MPs

Danyl is really quite clever and almost stood alone on the left in opposing the Electoral Finance Act. He has his ratings of politicians, it is brilliant.

My favourites are

  • Nick Smith: 8/10. Environment Minister has done excellent work crafting an Emissions Trading Scheme that doesn?t handicap decent, struggling Kiwi businesses like The DimPost?s parent company Lanthanide & Heavy Metals Disposal (Inc? Chongjin, North Korea).
  • Murray McCully: Shook my hand at a public meeting a few weeks ago and now it burns when I pee. 3.5/10.
  • David Garret: Not his fault supermarkets are allowed to bulk sell discounted alcohol at 8 AM. 5/10.
  • John Boscawen: Despite hard work in Select Committee and drafting private members bills, the ACT MP has been unable to overcome the unfortunate fact that he is John Boscawen. 3/10.
  • Pita Sharples:? Is just so fucking cute. 10/10.
  • Tariana Turia: 9/10. That?s not her rank, that?s how many Labour Party assassination attempts Turia will survive over the next two years.
  • Phil Goff: Although he has moved quickly to divorce himself from Clark?s toxic legacy of competence, party discipline and sound political management voters are curiously unattracted to the new Labour leader. 6/10.
  • Chris Carter: Labour?s foreign affairs spokesman compared John Key to Benito Mussolini, a tasteless gaffe that was worse than Stalin?s liquidation of the Kulaks. Lost additional points for being gay. 2/10.
  • Materia Turei: Green co-leader?s difficult to spell name means nothing comes up when I google news search her. 1/10.