Does money Buy Elections?

The left wing like to always chant the mantra that money can buy elections and in a sense they are right. In the last Presidential Elections Obama’s campaign out spent McCain’s by a huge amount, but that didn’t translate into votes. In fact there is zero evidence that money can purchase elections in a democratic society and that the public are not as stupid as the left wing make them out to be.

Len Brown then needs to wrap a cold towel around his head and do some serious thinking. Money doesn?t buy elections. It is always the whinge of the left when they decide to select some batshit mad, aesthetically challenged, hairy legged sheila with very dubious social values, then discover that the rest of us won’t vote for her. They always blame the right for having too much money.

Len Brown needs to think back carefully to the 2008 election when Helen Clark tried to create an extremely hostile campaign for National by making the spending period the entire year, rather than three months before the election. It didn?t work. Tired old hack politicians from Labour got the arse despite this massive handicap to National.

Auckland Central: Kaye beats Tizard. Good on Nikki, the people of Auckland Central finally saw through the Tizard Torpor.
Waitakere: Bennett beats some anonymous Labour sheila with a face you could break bottles on.
Maungakiekie: Sam turns a massive Labour majority to a National win thanks to the uninspiring and uninspirable Carol Beaumount and good hard work on his part door knocking.
Hamilton West: Tim MCindoe beats some guy named after and electric fence.
Rotorua:? Todd McClay beats Steve who is a sheila
Taupo:? Louise moved on Mark Burton with a crushing 6000+ win, despite Mark?s team offering Louise his phone number so she could concede on election night.
New Plymouth:? Two Countries Harry finally gets the arse, beaten by Jonathan Young, who had ten weeks to raise the money and run the campaign from end to end.
Otaki:? Nathan beats the man who has never had a proper job, Darren Hughes, who had the additional handicap of being a Ginga.
West Coast: Chris Auchinvole takes the coast, beating Damien O?Connor who is a good bloke in the wrong party.

Similarly, spiking Nationals spending for the full year while pissing away millions of taxpayers money on promoting Labour party policy in the guise of advertising social services and government initiatives did not work for Helen Clark either. Pinko Farrar reckons now National is in power some beltway genius is doing the sensible thing and stopping this kind of spending anyway.

Money doesn?t win elections. Being popular does, and this means finding the middle ground, not wasting too much ratepayers or tax payers money and generally not prancing around the place pissing people off with social engineering or political mismanagement.