Drunk Drivers to be outed on Twitter, but not here

In Texas they are utilising the internet to out criminals not trying to plug the hole like the proverbial little Dutch boy and the Dyke as they are doing here.

Drunk driving in Montgomery County, Texas, this holiday season? Expect to see your name in Tweets, as the local district attorney?s office has vowed to name and shame drunk drivers on Twitter.

The tactic, hoping to dissuade drunk drivers using the threat of public humiliation, will see DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) arrests documented on the @MontgomeryTXDAO Twitter account, owned by Montgomery County District Attorney, Brett Ligon.

The idea was conceived by County Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor Warren Diepraam, and it?s not entirely new: the information is a matter of public record and some newspapers print the names of people charged with such crimes as a deterrent.

Fucking excellent, of course if we ever did that here there would be name suppression for celebrities, rich people, National Party Presidents and two bit entertainers