English has to go

Bill English has to go. During question time today he thoughtfully provided the evidence that he thinks he can spend a dollar better than the poor taxpayer he has taken that dollar from.

John Boscawen: Does he agree with the 2025 Taskforce that ?It is difficult to conceive of a reason why the New Zealand government should own a large coal-mining company, three major electricity generating and retail companies, one of New Zealand?s largest exporting firms …?; if not, what is the compelling reason?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: No, I do not agree with it.

Hon Darren – – –

John Boscawen: What is the compelling reason for the New Zealand Government to own a large coalmining company, three major electricity generating and retailing companies, and one of New Zealand?s largest exporters?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: The compelling reason is that it does own them, and given that those assets were built up by taxpayers giving up their PAYE each week, this Government takes its role of protecting and growing the value of those assets very carefully. They have been built up by hard cash paid each week by people who could easily have used it for other purposes that might have suited them better. The previous Government did not understand that.

That is it, right there, that Bill English is a bloody socialist and proud of it. Time for a change.