Ethical Leftwing Blogging?

The Standard has a post on “Ethical Meat“.

While I chewed on my morning bacon, (Porkie, you were a true friend who always listened!) I observe the tendency of people on the left to insist on suddenly labeling everyday activities as “unethical”.

Then the solution struck me, ethical left wing blogging!

It has the potential to be?vastly more energy efficient. Only 1% of the propoganda a left wing blogger ingests in its lifetime ends up as blog posts on our computers but ethical left-wing blogging doesn?t require a whole activist (evolved as a spin reproduction machine with production only clamped by the moderation required to make radical left-wing views palatable to a sufficiently large sector of the public). Just feeding them the spin that can be written quickly by the Greens or Labour means far?less energy wasted. Not to mention all the reductions in transport energy -?ethical left-wing blogs could be grown in the countryside, meaning less commuting fromfar-flung “ethical communities” to city based union paid jobs.

Then there?s the greenhouse gases. As New Zealand knows all too well, left wing bloggers produce a lot of methane. Ethical ones still will, but they wont be near enough to the rest of us to notice it.

Sure, the best we can do now is like ?soggy spin? (getting spin to reproduce is relatively easy, but it’s completely unbelievable in blog form without traditional left wing bloggers involved) but this is the way of the future. This is an exciting area and New Zealand would be wise to get involved in the research.

Now, does anyone have Jon Stewart’s number?

What do you mean, “He’s the prototype”?