Flea Lawyers after The Whale again

The flea lawyers have rung demanding all sorts of things. Here is my press release.


Centre-right blogger Cameron Slater – who blogs under the name Whaleoil at gotcha.co.nz – has vowed to fight any charges over allegations that he breached a suppression order protecting an Olympian accused of raping his wife, unlawful sexual connection with his wife and abduction for sex,? five charges of assault, assault with intent to injure and threatening to kill.

AAP and Radio New Zealand have reported that “an audacious internet blogger is in hot water” over posting a “series of images” that could be interpreted as revealing the identity of the Olympian. These reports indicated the blogger is “facing charges for breaching the order, with the sportsman’s lawyer saying he was seeking legal advice”.

Mr Slater, who posted the series of images, said “These claims are nothing but a beat up and a distraction from the reality that a high profile New Zealander facing serious charges is being protected by a flawed legal process.

“Philip Morgan QC has described what I did as “disgraceful“.

“The real disgrace here is that a man accused of rape, abduction and unlawful sexual connection, with a history of extreme violence, has had his named concealed in a legal stitch-up.

“That said, Mr Morgan has form in barracking for lowlifes. He previously attacked critics of a decision to grant permanent name suppression to an All Black who beat a pregnant woman.

“I will not remove the series of images in question. The way I have acted has been entirely consistent with the public interest.

“I intend to vigorously fight any charges or allegations to the contrary,” Mr Slater concluded.

UPDATE 1: Just did interview with NewstalkZB
UPDATE 2: Just did Interview with ABC Radio in Australia
UPDATE 3: Just did Interview with Radio Live
I bet that flea lawyer wishes he had never opened his mouth, he just made sure it went global instead of just New Zealand, They just don’t get blogs, the internet or social media.