Fuck you very much

That is what the Honours Committee has told New Zealand today.

They have said Fuck You Very Much, New Zealand.

Note down these names, they are the members of the Cabinet Appointments and Honours Committee, John “Smiling Assassin” Key (Chair), “Karori” Bill English, Gerry “Salad Dodger” Brownlee, Simon “FIGJAM” Power, Tony “Wardrobe” Ryall, Anne “Closer” Tolley, Christopher “Tinkerbell” Finlayson, David “Brown Envelope” Carter, Murray “Charlie Wilson” McCully, Hon Georgina te Heuheu “Grub”, Pansy “Ting Tong” Wong, “Private” Heather Roy, “Aunty” Tariana Turia, Peter “Rothmans” Dunne.

These are the people who think that someone who:

  • Didn?t just forge one painting, she admitted to signing ?about half a dozen? works of art which she hadn?t produced ?over 20 years? and then couldn?t understand what was wrong with that.
  • Didn?t support the police who drove too fast to get her from Waimate to Christchurch so she could make a Rugby game.
  • Used taxpayers? money illegally to pay for Labour?s campaigns, changed the law retrospectively to make that spending legal and passed an Act in an attempt to allow that spending to continue while restricting what other individuals and groups could spend.
  • Backed Phillip Field in the face of strong evidence against him and did her best to thwart the inquiry into his actions, and only cut him loose when he made the suggestion he might go independent.
  • Continued to back Winston Peters as a minister long after he showed he could not be trusted, right up to the election.
  • Presided over a government that lied in the PREFU covering up billions of dollars of exposure in ACC.
  • Denigrated many groups in New Zealand exercising their democratic right to freedom of speech. She would rather meet a sheep than “that group of haters and wreckers” and her constant attacks on the Exclusive Brethren were breathtaking examples of her own failure to adhere to the Bill of Rights.
  • Presiding of a government that despite at least 9 case of prima facie evidence being found the Police decided it wasn’t in the public interest to pursue against the Labour MPs but watched them charge and prosecute a National MP for driving a tractor.
  • Removed the Privy Council with a mandate as our highest court.

That person is Helen Clark and she has now been made an Member of Order of New Zealand. This appointment sickens me, it makes me feel dirty to belong to the National Party. This woman has more to destroy the New Zealand we knew than almost anyone else other than perhaps Muldoon and we nicknamed him “Piggy”.

I am disgusted, this is a step too far, supporting the evil witch into a cosy do nothing job at the United Nations was a step too far in my opinion but at least she was gone. Now we have a list that will have her name on it until the day she dies, which hopefully won’t be too far off.

The Order of New Zealand is restricted to just 20 living New Zealanders, the others on the list must be mortified that the beast is walking amongst them.