Herald gets snooty on blogger

Cactus Kate made the Business Herald on page C4 today for their awards.

Jim Morrison peyote button award for most psychedelic blogger

Someone called Cactus Kate for her hallucinatory post suggesting the Herald had cut its legal budget and directed senior editors not to tackle legally difficult stories.

The Business Herald can assure readers that none of it was true and we continue to keep our company lawyers busier than ever. The tough times certainly haven’t made companies we report on any less litigious.

I imagine Cactus is on holiday somewhere in a 5 star paradise eating, drinking and rooting her brains out.

[deleted by WO following additional information]

I bet it also took them three weeks to come up with those lines and it was a group effort. Insults like that simply flow forth uninterrupted from Cactus and me like it is a genetic trait.